Historical Grounds Restoration & Charleston Gardens

Historical Grounds Restoration & Charleston Gardens At Seasons Unlimited Inc we are your professional historical grounds and gardens restoration company. We operated our landscape business in Charleston, SC for four years and with great success. Our current work heavily consists of historical restoration projects. Therefore, we have become expert in researching historical information on period and historical landscape design, plant materials and architecture.

We have a commercial molding and trim cutter in-house, which enables us to replicate any wood details and features for historical pieces. So, we can preserve or restore any period woodwork that you may have and bring it back to its original form. If you are not sure of the period of the woodwork; we have all the resources to do the research and find the information you need.

Historical Preservation

Historical Grounds Restoration & Charleston Gardens Seasons Unlimited Inc is a professional historical preservation company. We have done all of our homework and continue to educate ourselves on the various trends in landscape design and architecture and plantings for various periods.

The definition of historical preservation is 'the endeavour to preserve, protect and conserve the historical significance of buildings, landscapes and other structures'. Call it what you like; but you may also refer to this practise as:

  • Heritage conservation
  • Heritage preservation
  • Landscape preservation
  • Urban conservation
  • Built environment conservation
  • And many more...

At Seasons Unlimited Inc we are the company to contact if you have any historical grounds or gardens that you want preserved or restored. It is our goal to accurately depict the features, plants, objects, woodwork and character of your grounds or gardens as they appeared in the particular period it was established. This may involve the restoration of features to their original state or reconstruction of various features.

Professional Restoration Company

Let our team of professional historical preservation contractors bring your grounds or gardens back to their long lost period. We are proud to offer these services for we are very passionate about historical restoration practices; our history is important and we should do what we can to conserve such masterpieces.

Contact us today and we will send one of our staff members out to your property and evaluate the requirements needed to get it back to its original form. Let us take all the stress and hassle out of having to do all of the historical research for your particular period. We have the resources and the equipment ready to take on your slice of history!